(–)-Ropivacaine-d7 (hydrochloride) – ≥99% deuterated forms (d1-d7)


(–)-Ropivacaine-d7 (hydrochloride)
An internal standard for the quantification of (–)-ropivacaine
(–)-Ropivacaine-d7 (hydrochloride)



(–)-Ropivacaine-d7 is intended for use as an internal standard for the quantification of (–)-ropivacaine (Item No. 21422) by GC- or LC-MS. (–)-Ropivacaine is a potent and reversible blocker of sodium channels in nerve fibers.1 In vivo, (–)-ropivacaine induces complete impairment of proprioception, motor function, and nociception in the hindleg of rats when 100 μL of an 8 mM solution is injected percutaneously into the sciatic nerve.2 (–)-Ropivacaine depresses myocardial contractile force in isolated rat hearts less potently than (±)-ropivacaine, as well as (–)- and (±)-bupivacaine (Item No. 16618).3 Formulations containing (–)-ropivacaine have been used as local anesthetics during surgery and childbirth.
WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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